1997 HJ-75

97 HJ75
97 HJ75

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well, yesterday was the first off-road run of my new toy. we had a landcruiser get together beginner run, so i figured why not take my new toy on it. so we ended up with 13 cruisers and 1 forerunner(sp) out. the weather couldn't have been better for this time of the year and of course the scenery was as beautiful as ever.

we did the very tame "lost knife" trail. it is just like driving down the gravel back roads. i have taken 2 overload springs out of the rear pack and boy am i glad i did. the front i didn't have any time to soften up. it rides ROUGH. Rancho leaf set-up has nothing on this ride. the nice side was as fast as you wanted to go on rough gravel the smoother the ride. once the custom bumper and winch is on she should ride much smoother. if nothing else i will remove a leaf from the front also.

e decided to go back a trail that the big boys have torn up. with all the stockers that we had i was amassed at the performance. we had 1 stock 40, 2 stock 42, 2 stock 60s, 1 stock 75, 1 tricked 70, 3 tricked 60s, 1 stock forerunner, 1 not so stock 40, and 1sprung over 40.

i ran my street tires, i had wanted to run my terra tire but i waited too long to put them on order. they wouldn't be on till Monday, bummer. we ended up with a few trucks with street tread out there this time.

when we arrived at the beginning of meadow creek trail somebody had torn 4 big mud pits in the skag there and boys being boys a couple of them decided they should try them. Scot with his sprung over 40 and bald tires made short work of a couple and Todd with his tricked 70 also made short work of a couple. peter put on quite a show, he challenged the hardest of them. with good driving and a LOT of throttled he work his way through. his truck is quite impressive. this is one of the spots where i wish i had taken my 45, just so i could have shown the diesels how it should be done... ;-))

the second section of the trail turned ugly as soon as we went around the first bend. somebody had been in there with massive meats just turning the trail into a mud pit. i had a young lady driving my 75 by now and she took it a bit too slow and the first stuck for my 75 occurred. a gentle tug and out she came. a bit more snot and through she went. that hole seemed to s#ck a few of the trucks down. Peter with his 'tug boat' tricked 60 was yanking one after another through. i was so proud of my wife. she was driving her 'new' 60 and according to Herb (driver of the 40) she was the only 60 to make it through on her own power.

the second obstacle was a ripped up bridge. we had to drive across the supports which were just the right distance for a cruiser's wheel base. all these beginners responded well to the directions of the spotters. they made the transition very smoothly. as soon as you cleared the bridge you had to negotiate a deep hole with log ends sticking out into the hole. almost all the wagons hit as they went through. d@rn long rear overhang.

the third obstacle was a mud hole that went on both sides of a tree. on the right looked like an impassible deep pit that turned out later to be the best route. and the seemingly easy side turn out to be a truck catcher. only one truck made it through on its own power but in the process churned up the hole to the point that no one else could make it.

this is where my 75 got stuck for the second time. a log was wedged between the spring pack and the trail stopping it cold. a gentle tug back and she made it through just fine. thankfully that was also the last time it got stuck.

we headed back to the falls and there was ice and snow still every where. but the reward awaited us at the falls. Peter had made some wonderful Chile c/w potato salad, Cole slaw and ninimo bars for dessert. ummmm, chillie.....

the run back out was quite uneventful. half the group stayed to camp overnight and the other half returned to the city.

i am now looking forward to the long may weekend. i should have my bumper and winch installed and the terra tires will be on it by then. the 1 1/2 lift will be on and i might even have a radio in it.

all in all, i am very happy with my new toy. i want to thank all that participated in the run for once again making it enjoyable for the wife and