Family Outing (horseback)
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Not only do we 4x4 but we enjoy other activities as well. Basically, anything that can be done as a family, we enjoy. On this trip we enjoyed a great horse back ride. It took us to parts of the Rockies that we can't access with our trucks. There are pristine areas that are closed off to the 4x4 public. I would recommend this trip to any one that enjoys a leisure trip in the out doors

Talk about rustic. You get to stay in a small cabin aprox. 9" x 9" heated by a wood stove that you stoke yourself. That is my sweet wife Noreen and my husky 'Billy Bob'.

That would be Noreen and I having a good time on the horses.

My wife loves horses. This is the first time in about 20 years for her to actually get to go riding again. The weekend was my anniversary gift to her.

The building in the background is the kitchen. I'm telling you the food was excellent. You did not go away hungry

This is a small meadow we stopped at for lunch, which they provided. Very peaceful.

It is hard to believe that this little stream turns into the ya ha tinda falls.